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Books by Michael Useem

The Leader’s Checklist: 15 Mission-Critical Principles

by Michael Useem

From the award-winning author of The Leadership Moment comes a definitive checklist to help today’s leaders act decisively when it counts the most.

The India Way: How India's Top Business Leaders Are Revolutionizing Management

by co authored by Michael Useem

Exploding growth. Soaring investment. Incoming talent waves. India’s top companies are scoring remarkable successes on these fronts—and more.

Learning from Catastrophes: Strategies for Reaction and Response

by Michael Useem and Howard Kunreuther

Events ranging from Hurricane Katrina to the global economic crisis have taught businesspeople an unforgettable lesson: if you don’t plan for “extreme risk,” you endanger your organization’s very survival.

The Go Point: When It's Time to Decide--Knowing What to Do and When to Do It

by Michael Useem

The Go Point—the moment of truth when you have to say “yes” or “no” when it’s time to get off the fence.

Michael Useem—through dramatic storytelling—shows how to master the art and science of being decisive. He places you smack in the middle of people facing their go point, where actions—or lack of them—determined the fates of individuals, companies, and countries.

Upward Bound: Nine Original Accounts of How Business Leaders Reached Their Summits

by Michael Useem, Jerry Useem, and Paul Asel

Your team has faltered at a critical moment. A key member says he can’t continue, requiring you to make a snap decision: Do you write him off? Or do you risk the whole venture by trying to get him back on his feet?

It could be a scenario straight from the business world.

Yet this one occurred high on the slopes of the world’s deadliest mountain, K2, where lives, not just livelihoods, depended on the leader’s choice.

Leading Up: How to Lead Your Boss So You Both Win

by Michael Useem

Today’s best leaders know how to lead up, a necessary strategy when a supervisor is micromanaging rather than macrothinking, when a division president offers clear directives but can’t see the future, or when investors demand instant gain but need long-term growth. Through vivid, compelling stories, Michael Useem reveals how upward leadership can transform incipient disaster into hard-won triumph.

The Leadership Moment: Nine True Stories of Triumph and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All

by Michael Useem and Warren Bennis

Michael Useem believes that by examining what others have done when a business, a life, or even the fate of a nation is on the line, we all can learn what works and what fails, what hastens a cause or subverts a purpose, and what must be done when we must perform and lead under pressure.

Investor Capitalism: How Money Managers Are Changing the Face of Corporate America

by Michael Useem

Michael Useem, a professor of management at the Wharton School of Business, explains an economic transformation that is not only changing corporate America but is having profound effects on the rest of society. Namely, that the managers of mutual funds now command so much power that corporate CEOs practically plead to have their stocks included in the fund. (from Amazon.com)

Executive Defense: Shareholder Power and Corporate Reorganization

by Michael Useem

Transforming Organizations

by Thomas A. Kochan and Michael Useem, Editors

This book examines how organizations can, and should, transform their practices to compete in a world economy.

Liberal Education and the Corporation: The Hiring and Advancement of College Graduates

by Michael Useem

Liberal Education and the Corporation analyzes the interrelation of higher education and corporate management at a time when educational and industrial institutions are reassessing their basic strategies.

The Inner Circle: Large Corporations and the Rise of Business Political Activity in the U.S. and U.K.

by Michael Useem

Driven by declining profits and government regulation, a new form of class-wide business leadership has emerged: a transcorporate network that is giving a new coherence and power to business in both America and Britain.


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