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Books by Michael UseemThe Leadership Moment: Nine True Stories of Triumph and Disaster and Their Lessons for Us All
by Michael Useem and Warren Bennis

Published by Three Rivers Press
Released 11/2/1999
paperback | US$14.95
ISBN: 0812932307

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Eugene Kranz returning Apollo 13; Arlene Blum leading the first women's expedition climbing the Himalayan peak of Annapurna; Roy Vagelos committing Merck to spending hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a drug needed only by people who couldn't afford it; Alfredo Christian ending the civil war in El Salvador.

These are just some of the stories in this unusual and important book about leadership. Michael Useem believes that by examining what others have done when a business, a life, or even the fate of a nation is on the line, we all can learn what works and what fails, what hastens a cause or subverts a purpose, and what must be done when we must perform and lead under pressure.

Pre-publication comments:

"Gripping adventure and actionable advice . . . Useem not only takes us into the experiences of others but also draws out striking lessons."--Fast Company

"One thoughtful work like this is worth a ton of new-age, self-help tomes that are high on fluff and low on scholarship."--San Francisco Chronicle

"A really good story is a time-honored way to show how leaders respond to extreme challenges [and] that's what Michael Useem delivers."--USA Today


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