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Books by Michael UseemTransforming Organizations
by Thomas A. Kochan and Michael Useem, Editors

Published by Oxford University Press
Released 2/6/1992
hardcover | US$74.5
ISBN: 0195065042

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This book examines how organizations can, and should, transform their practices to compete in a world economy. Research results from a multi-disciplinary team of MIT researchers, along with the experiences and insights of a select group of industry practitioners, are integrated into a model that stresses the need for systemic and transformative rather than piecemeal or incremental changes in organization practices and public policy. This integration of research and experience results in an argument for a new organizational learning model--one capable of gaining advantage from employee diversity, cooperation across organizational boundaries, strategic restructuring, and advanced technology. The book begins with a foreword by Lester C. Thurow.


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